Bringing Baby Home During COVID-19

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Baby’s here and it’s time to go home—and everyone wants to
see your little bundle of joy. How do you keep him or her safe?
Remember, others can interact with baby without touching. You
are your baby’s advocate, so you get to set the guidelines for
family members and friends.

Here are some things you can say (or text ahead of time):

● “We’ll hold baby while you are here, but you can visit from six feet apart.”
● “We’ll welcome guests after we take each person’s temperature and sanitize hands.”
● “You can never be too careful, so bring masks!”
● “Please don’t touch or kiss the baby’s face or head but hands and feet are ok.”
● “COVID is so scary. We’re not ready for visitors but let’s set up a zoom call.”
● “We don’t yet know long term effects of COVID on babies or breastmilk.”
● “The doctor said that baby has no immune system yet so we are waiting a few weeks for
in-person introductions.”
● “We know it’s hard to wait to meet baby! But we promise to introduce baby just as soon
as the doctor says we can.”
● “Thank you for respecting our wishes during COVID. It helps to know we are supported.”

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