Maggie Rooney, Wellness Coach

I believe everyone deserves to care for themselves in a way that feels authentic and joyful. There are so many messages we receive telling us what health and wellness “should” look like which can leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed. These messages can make wellness practices seem like just another thing to be added to a never-ending list of things to do. When we feel we aren’t measuring up to these standards we can begin to judge and criticize ourselves.

My mission is to provide clients an alternative approach to self-care and wellness. One grounded in pleasure and based on self-trust and compassion. I am dedicated to helping clients reconnect with themselves to identify and pursue what they need in order to thrive. To accomplish this, I guide clients through mindful self-exploration to discover what uniquely works in their lives in regards to wellness practices. I provide support and encouragement to clients as they formulate their own personal definition of wellness.

Through our work together clients can make positive self-care changes and build a peaceful relationship with themselves in an environment free from judgment. My intention is to provide tools for clients to strengthen their own intuition when it comes to wellness practices. I believe clients are the experts of their own lives and encourage them to embrace their authority when deciding how to care for themselves. I provide structure and resources to help clients accomplish this.

My background in nursing, specifically psychiatric nursing, has led me to view health from a holistic perspective. I understand wellness encompasses much more than just physical well-being. I emphasize the essential role mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being play in our overall wellness. I believe clients have the ability to establish holistic wellness in their lives. Working together I would be honored to be part of your journey towards reclaiming your unique self-care and authentic wellness.

Examples of things that can be explored in our coaching sessions:

Establishing personal values

Increasing a sense of meaning and purpose in life

Creating a self-care plan

Working toward authentic wellness goals

Developing self-compassion

Intuitive eating

Body image concerns

Life balance

***My coaching philosophy is aligned with the frameworks of body positivity, health at every size and intuitive eating.***

Chicago- Lakeview/Lincoln Park Location:
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Lombard Location:
477 E. Butterfield Rd, Suite 212, Lombard, IL 60148

Aurora Location:
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