Self-Care Matters!

By Madison Hosier, LCPC, (she/her)

Self-Care Matters!

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Self-care awareness day is right around the corner on July 24th. We all know the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup!” and self care awareness day is a time to remind us to slow down to take care of ourselves. 

Within our daily lives we can often forget to slow down and check in with our needs. We may even at times feel guilty for prioritizing ourselves. However, self care is important for maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves as well as increasing our overall emotional and physical health. Self care has been shown to help with managing anxiety, stress, depression, as well as burn out. 

Self care looks different for everyone, and that’s okay! Sometimes it can take time to find what works best for you. Self care can be as simple as breathing, reading, taking a bath or as luxurious as taking a vacation or getting a massage.

Unsure of what might work for you? Here’s are some ideas to get the ball rolling: 


Madison Hosier, LCPC, (she/her)

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