It started as a simple lifestyle change. You wanted to do something to feel healthier.

Going to the gym everyday didn’t seem like enough. Clean eating was another way to step up your game.

But, it didn’t end here…

You started cutting out additional foods.

You began increasing the time you spent preparing foods.

You can’t buy something without reading the ENTIRE label and deeming it “appropriate”.

You increased the time spent at the gym.

You stopped going to people’s houses for fear of night having something appropriate for you to eat.

You won’t go to restaurants that don’t have “safe” choices.

You stopped associating with people who don’t have the same food beliefs and spend most of your time reading about more ways to “improve” your healthy eating habits.

Others are concerned about your eating habits.

You don’t understand their concern.


You feel in-control of your eating choices, not like those people who feel out of control all of the time. And you weren’t even interested in losing weight.

Is this an eating disorder, you think to yourself.

One day you wake up and realize you can visualize the workout you did and you can name the ingredients of every item you ate yesterday, but you can’t remember anything else.

What began as a way to improve your life, has taken away any quality of life you had. You realize you want more out of life, but the anxiety around stepping away from this life is debilitating.

Orthorexia destroys people’s lives. While everyone around you can sit down to dinner and enjoy being together, you now have to fight with your own thoughts about ways to get out of being there.

The team at Bricolage can help you move away from the unhealthy obsession you experience around healthy eating.

Explore the emotions that have been contained for so long through restrictive eating, exercise and obsessive thoughts.

Develop a new list of values that feel more congruent to the lifestyle you truly want to lead.

Put the energy and time you spent with food towards fostering the relationships with people you want to connect more meaningfully with.

Discover a new relationship with food and yourself through the support of our clinicians.

Our Expert Clinicians

Therapists and Coaches who work with clients experiencing various issues anything in between.









Here’s what to expect when you work with us:

Free Phone Consult:

At Bricolage, we extend a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit to work together. We will discuss what your goals are, explain what therapy will look like, and how your life will be different after working with us. By the end of this call, you will have
a clear idea of your next steps.

Initial Session:

Your first meeting with your therapist will be between 60 and 70 minutes and will allow the two of you to begin to build a relationship.
You will go over the information you provided before this initial session as well as dive into all of the elements of your story. Throughout
this appointment, you and your therapist will work as a team to create your action plan.

Weekly Sessions:

Once you and your therapist begin to work deeply together, you will experience a type of treatment that has been completely tailored
to you and your needs. Your therapist will take keen notice of where you are in your wellness journey and ensure that the exercises you complete in session will bring you a sense of comfort and peace as you move forward.we

Completion of Goals

As a team, you and your therapist will continue to evaluate your progress and growth. Eventually, the two of you will recognize that you
are responding to stressors more effectively and that weekly therapy might no longer be necessary. At this point you can choose to come to session less often and together you will decide what level of support you need for the future.

Our team of compassionate professionals will help you tap into the strengths you already possess and guide you to stop looking for the “if” and start taking advantage of the NOW.

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