Occupational Burnout

Occupational Burnout

Can you come back from burnout?

You can come back from burnout. You will overcome it, whether in your current job or a new one.

Stress in the workplace is all too common. There are techniques and healthy coping mechanisms available to work through it. But left unaddressed, stress can become an ongoing, debilitating part of your life.

You’ve been in your current career for a while, and were confident when you began.

But your job satisfaction has since been waning. You are not feeling inspired or excited by the work you’re doing. You feel disconnected from your coworkers and boss. You’re exhausted all the time, and your motivation feels nonexistent.

You want to overcome these feelings, but don’t know where to begin. So you hope that they will go away with time. But they only worsen, and you feel lost.

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What are the symptoms of burnout?

Occupational burnout is an advanced stage of chronic stress. As such, the signs and symptoms are very similar.

Left unaddressed too long, symptoms of chronic stress will devolve into burnout. The trademarks of burnout are:

These signs of burnout can lead to impatience with coworkers, insomnia, physical symptoms of anxiety, and substance abuse as a coping mechanism. This can seem overwhelming to work through, and you may feel stuck. 

Burnout recovery - How do you relieve burnout?

Thankfully, it is possible to relieve burnout symptoms, and eventually recover. Just like the symptoms themselves, the recovery techniques are similar to those of workplace stress. Recovery may be more difficult, because of the advanced nature of burnout. But relief is possible with:

Therapy will assist you in implementing those techniques. We will point out concrete, small changes that you can make in your daily life. And we will identify your specific stressors at work, so you can address them.

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Burnout recovery - How do you relieve burnout?

f your stress is based primarily on your own actions and mindset at work, healthy coping mechanisms should set you on the path to relief. If a conversation with your boss is necessary to make changes in the workplace, we will also help you navigate that.

But there is also a chance that, in working towards relief, you may find that your stressors are toxic enough to warrant a job change.

You can work on yourself, and you can have open conversations with your employers. But if the stressful circumstances at work don’t change, and healthy coping mechanisms do not succeed in relieving stress, you may decide that switching careers or positions is worth it.

Of course, only you can make that decision. But we will help you identify when that option may be best, navigating the pros and cons.

Your goal is to create a healthy working environment, whatever that may look like for you. Through a combination of working on yourself and acting on the sources of your stress, you can create a bright future. And we will support you in the process. Start today.

Our Expert Clinicians

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Here’s what to expect when you work with us:

Free Phone Consult:

At Bricolage, we extend a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit to work together. We will discuss what your goals are, explain what therapy will look like, and how your life will be different after working with us. By the end of this call, you will have
a clear idea of your next steps.

Initial Session:

Your first meeting with your therapist will be between 60 and 70 minutes and will allow the two of you to begin to build a relationship.
You will go over the information you provided before this initial session as well as dive into all of the elements of your story. Throughout
this appointment, you and your therapist will work as a team to create your action plan.

Weekly Sessions:

Once you and your therapist begin to work deeply together, you will experience a type of treatment that has been completely tailored
to you and your needs. Your therapist will take keen notice of where you are in your wellness journey and ensure that the exercises you complete in session will bring you a sense of comfort and peace as you move forward.we

Completion of Goals

As a team, you and your therapist will continue to evaluate your progress and growth. Eventually, the two of you will recognize that you
are responding to stressors more effectively and that weekly therapy might no longer be necessary. At this point you can choose to come to session less often and together you will decide what level of support you need for the future.

Our team of compassionate professionals will help you tap into the strengths you already possess and guide you to stop looking for the “if” and start taking advantage of the NOW.

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