Reproductive & Perinatal Mental Health

Reproductive & Perinatal Mental Health

Parenthood is something you’ve looked forward to all your life.

You’ve read all the books and done all of the research and you see this as your chance to be the perfect parent.

Yet, whether you’ve struggled to conceive, had a difficult pregnancy, traumatic birthing experience, or are suffering through the postpartum period, the path to parenthood certainly hasn’t been perfect.

Preparation has always been your go to. Whenever you’ve come across a challenging situation, the more information you’ve had the more secure you’ve felt. This confidence has kept you excelling in even the most uncertain times and you knew you’d always meet the benchmarks that were laid out for you. But becoming a parent is completely different.

You see all of your friends celebrating baby showers and birthdays and they all seem to know exactly what they’re doing, but your uncertainty has made it so you doubt everything you do. There is no amount of knowledge that can completely prepare you for the decisions you will face and the changes you will make. And by the end of the process, you can really start to lose track of who you are. A lot of the time you feel helpless and incompetent.

And you’re not sure what next steps to take to accept that you’re doing the best you can. Sometimes it seems like your confidence has abandoned you and you’re no longer capable of recognizing all that you do well. That’s not to say you thought becoming a parent would be simple. You knew it would require a lifestyle change. But what you didn’t expect was to lose yourself in the process.

When You Seek Reproductive and Perinatal Support from Bricolage.

Receiving Counseling for Infertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Issues

Perinatal Mental Health counseling is intended to help you feel like yourself again as you work towards your goal of planning a family.

Together you and your therapist will discover a sense of acceptance of the idea that you don’t need to be perfect.

Initially, you will meet will meet together weekly for 45-55 minutes and you
will start to feel a sense of relief and validation of the struggles you are going through.

What’s unique about Bricolage, is that we offer a multi-dimensional viewpoint on healing and transformation. Our utmost goal is to make sure we meet all of your needs, so we will connect you with outside resources when we know they will be of benefit to you.

When You Seek Reproductive and Perinatal Support from Bricolage.

Reproductive and perinatal therapy is best for those who are currently experiencing or have experienced infertility, pregnancy concerns, miscarriage, birth trauma, and postpartum mood issues.

You will benefit from working with Bricolage if: