Setting Healthy Boundaries During the Holidays

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The holidays are here and that means traditions. But this year
may feel different. Are you fearful, fidgety, or frustrated while
those around you appear festive and fierce but overly-familial?
You can set and hold firm boundaries―even with your closest
friends and family―so you too can enjoy the fruits of the

Here are some things you can say (or text ahead of time):

“I wear my mask to protect you, so can you please wear one to protect me?”
● “I’m also sad we have to change our plans, but let’s try this instead this year. Might be fun.”
● “Thank you for respecting our wishes during COVID. It helps to know we are supported.”
● “It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones feeling this way. I have some great ideas about how we
can still celebrate.”

Here are some alternative plans you can suggest:

● “Let’s exchange food ahead of time and eat together on Zoom.”
● “Let’s dress up and take a group photo on our computers for our holiday cards.”
● “Let’s caravan to see the holiday lights while we talk on speakerphone from our cars.”
● “Since this year feels different, let’s donate to a charity instead of gifts.”

Find peace of mind this holiday season by giving yourself the gift of
health. Our mental health clinicians can help you get there.


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