Speciality / Areas of Interest: Shame Resliency


Services Book an appointment Your day begins by stepping on the scale in the morning. This number dictates how the rest of your day goes. Think back to high school, if you dare. You just found out you got a 94% on your Chemistry test. Were you ecstatic with your A? Or were you ashamed …

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Single Parenting

Services Book an appointment How do single parents cope? What are the struggles of being a single parent? Can a single parent raise a successful child? How does being a single parent affect you? Your child will be successful and well-adjusted. And you can overcome the stress of being a single parent, and build a …

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Women’s Hormone-Related Issues

Services Book an appointment Content to come. You’ve read all the books and done all of the research and you see this as your chance to be the perfect parent. Yet, whether you’ve struggled to conceive, had a difficult pregnancy, traumatic birthing experience, or are suffering through the postpartum period, the path to parenthood certainly …

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